Morrisons show how to make delicious breakfast smoothies

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Queen Elizabeth, 96, reportedly has a go-to snack in all of her royal palaces. The Queen’s favourite go-to snack is known to be fresh mangos, according to previous reports. Mangos can apparently always be found in the fridge at Buckingham Palace, according to a former royal chef.

Former Buckingham Palace chef John Higgins told the National Post: “She could tell you how many mangoes were in the fridge at Buckingham Palace”.

Lucy Lord is a food influencer, author of ‘Food For The Soul’ and ‘Cook For The Soul’, and experienced recipe creator.

In order to create a beverage that would be enjoyed by Her Majesty, she created a totally unique smoothie, ‘Mango, Coconut & Lime Smoothie’, in line with the Queen’s love of mangos.

Lucy said: “Creamy and oh so refreshing. This smoothie just reminds me of warm balmy mornings, sitting in the sun after a swim or gym.

“I like smoothies to taste great without extra powders and this packs 10g protein as it is – but if you like to add a scoop of protein, go ahead!”



If you’re using any fresh fruit, cut it up into chunks and add everything except the lime juice into a blender.

Blitz until smooth, pour into glasses and squeeze half a lime (per serving) into each glass, garnish with any extra toppings.

Lucy is aware of the current cost of living crisis and shared some money-saving hacks with on how to make the royal smoothie on a budget.

She said: “If your bank balance isn’t as healthy as the Queen’s and fancy mango-on-the-move, I have a money-saving hack.

“P-I-Y (Prep It yourself); with the cost of living, our second largest outgoing (outside of accommodation) is food and drink.

“Did you know a Pret A Manger pot of mango costs £3.50 for one pot?

“Inside the pot is equivalent of a third of a medium size mango, versus buying a mango fresh, cubing it and creating ‘pots’ yourself (80p for a whole mango).

“Plus, they keep really well sliced in the fridge for at least five days.

“That’s 26p versus £3.50.

“If you’re buying five a week, that saves £65 a month. Just like that.”

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