I’ve never met a ginger beer I didn’t like. Whether I’m looking to alleviate a case of acid reflux or feel somewhat fancy without turning to alcohol, ginger beer has been my hero at restaurants and bars (Yes, there are some alcoholic ginger beers, but for the most part, modern ginger beer is non-alcoholic). I’m also prone to picking up bottles of ginger beer at the supermarket, because you never know when your stomach is going to decide it hates you. And after years of experimenting with different tastes, I’ve reached the point where ginger beer acts like a comfort food. It’s familiar, but still interesting enough to entertain my taste buds.

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There is an art to finding the right ginger beer for you, and the more intense varieties may be an acquired taste. Robust, spicy soda isn’t everyone’s first drinking choice, and some ginger beers (and ales) balance out ginger’s essence with a headache-inducing amount of sugar. The key, especially at the beginning of your ginger journey, is finding a drink that strikes a balance. Too much sweetness may distract you from the actual ginger, which is the heart of the drink, but a ginger beer that's void of sweetness isn't exactly palatable.

I finally found that balance in Reed’s Zero Sugar Extra Ginger beer. The name might give things away, but this brew is void of the nauseating levels of sugar you’d find elsewhere. And that’s good, because it doesn’t distract or deter you from enjoying the ginger beer’s spicy notes, also known as the best part. The bottle gauges the ginger beer's slightly elevated spice level, letting drinkers know what they're getting into before taking that first sip. If you're looking to get into ginger beer without experiencing any hangups or sugar-driven headaches, here's where you need to start.


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