Pringles Taste Test

When you simply must have a chip that can make it look like you have duck lips that also happens to be packaged in a glorified tennis ball can, look no further than Pringles. Though you can’t go wrong with the classic flavor, there’s been a proliferation of other tastes over the years. With the latest such flavor launch here in the states, it seems like they’re taking aim at a popular appetizer/restaurant side.

Recently, some snack sleuths spotted an interesting discovery at a 7-Eleven. Namely, a purple tube of Pringles in a “Fried Onion Ring” flavor.

7-Eleven has a new exclusive Pringles flavor: Fried Onion Ring! Well, the flavor isn't new to Pringles or the chip world, but it's new to being only at 7-Eleven. Crispy Onion Ring Pringles launched in Canada earlier this year, and many other countries have seen Onion Rings Pringles on shelves. Ruffles also has an onion ring flavor, and there's obviously Funyuns, which have been around for 50 years. Anyway, so the flavor certainly isn't new to the market, but how does it taste? While not being incredibly innovative, these are one of my favorite Pringles in a while. The flavor is simple; it's pretty much onion powder. But I can't stop eating them. 7.75/10. Huge thanks to Kellogg's PR partners for sending these!

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@Candyhunting says that it isn’t technically “new to Pringles or the chip world,” but the flavor is for some reason a 7-Eleven exclusive. The account is quick to point out that a “Crispy Onion Ring” flavor launched in Canada earlier this year, though why they shied away from the word “fried” is unclear.

So what can you expect in terms of taste? Think Funyuns in a more aerodynamic shape. Whoever’s behind the account that spotted it notes that “while not being incredibly innovative, these are one of my favorite Pringles in a while. The flavor is simple; it’s pretty much onion powder.”

While there’s no substitute for the crunchy, battered texture of a proper onion ring, it seems like this limited-edition 7-Eleven exclusive would be a welcome alternative for those who want to get their bar snack fix in a more convenient manner while on the go. And at the very least, you could make the case that there’s finally a Pringle that one could acceptably dip in ranch. How well this chip holds up to that dip is another story.  

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