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Taryn Shank is a content creator who posts her recipes and cooking hacks on her TikTok account @.tarynshank. The Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Blogger posts healthy food ideas.

She recently explained how she makes bacon in the air dryer, claiming the end result is “perfect”. Air fryer bacon uses less oil and is less fatty than pan-cooked bacon. Taryn said this is “how to make air fryer bacon that leaves no mess and takes less than 10 minutes, and turns out perfectly crispy.”

How do you cook bacon in the air fryer?

Taryn said: “Grab some bacon and preheat your air fryer.” She recommends adding a quarter of a cup of water to the bottom of the air fryer basket to prevent smoking.

She went on: “Then layer your bacon in the bottom of the air fryer and go ahead and set it at 370 or 375F for eight to 10 minutes. It just depends how crispy you like your bacon. I did mine at 375 for eight minutes and it turned out absolutely perfect.”

She added: “The final product is perfectly crispy. We devoured it. It’s so easy and literally no mess, you have to try it.”

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TikTok users commented on the instructional recipe, with praise for the recipe, and some of their own ideas. One wrote: “The water idea was a great idea! Thank you!”

Another said: “So, glad you gave me the water tip haha. I be smoking my house up.” [sic]

User Grazie Grace said: “Followed all the directions and bacon came out chef’s kiss.”

A number didn’t use the water tip but said the bacon came out perfect anyway. One said: “I don’t add water and do eight mins at 370F, and there’s no smoke and its perfection.”

Another said: “I didn’t add water to it but I did use your 370F temperature for eight minutes and the bacon came out perfect.”

Robert Paul said: “I tried this with and without water. Without is better.” Another said: “Wow, thank you. I tried this it cooked so fast and good.”

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Another chef recently shared his bacon hack to ensure “the fat is perfectly nice and crispy”, and he called it a “game changer”.

Chef Roice Bethel boils his bacon to cook it properly, and swears the method makes it crispy.

He said: “If you want perfectly crispy bacon you need to boil it, I know that sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it does.”

He explained: “Cold bacon goes into a cold pan. Add just enough water to cover your bacon. The water prevents your bacon from getting too hot, which gives the fat time to render out.”

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