OREO Holiday Chocolate Cookie Decorating Kit

After releasing a winter edition of the super popular Oreo Eggs that flew off shelves for Easter, Nabisco, Oreo’s parent company, has decided to make our holidays even merrier. The company is now selling a holiday-themed Oreo cookie decorating kit that contains everything you need to make festive cookies at home. 

Similar to the Halloween Monster Decorating Cookie Kit released in October, this seasonal package comes with eight pre-baked chocolate cookies shaped like gingerbread men and Christmas trees, regular and mini Oreo cookies, candy jewels, fruit gummies, and — arguably the best part of Oreos — a whole packet of Oreo creme frosting.

The playful Oreo decorating kit combines the delight of eating the ever-popular sweet treat with the fun of crafting. With so much already included in the box, Nabisco is saving shoppers a whole lot of effort in a time-crunched season, especially with Black Friday starting so late this year. 

It’s already one of the most versatile cookies because of the myriad ways one can enjoy it (the "twist, lick, and dunk" method is always a crowd pleaser), so we’re not surprised that Nabisco is giving us yet another way to play with its classic creme-filled snacks. 

We can’t wait to decorate with the Oreo kit this winter—not to mention dunk our finished products in milk. Luckily, it’s available at Walmart for just $11.98. We’d recommend picking up at least a few at a price this good.

Oreo Holiday Chocolate Cookie Decorating Kit

OREO Holiday Chocolate Cookie Decorating Kit

To buy: $11.98; walmart.com

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