Former royal chef shows how to bake a treacle tart

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Queen Elizabeth had many sweet indulgences, according to former royal chefs. One such example was a classic treacle tart. How do you make a treacle tart fit for the Royal Family?

Former royal chef Des Sweeney appeared on the programme ‘A Royal Guide to Property’ on Saturday.

Mr Sweeney outlined a “particular favourite” dessert of Queen Elizabeth’s which he would bake for the monarch at her royal palaces.

He said: “The world’s easiest pudding – this was also the Queen Mother’s favourite.”

Mr Sweeney revealed how to make the Queen’s “favourite” treacle tart, plus a cheat way to save time making the pastry.


  1. Four ounces of white bread crumbs
  2. One pound of golden syrup
  3. Two teaspoons of lemon juice
  4. Shop-bought pastry cases
  5. Sauce Anglaise
  6. Raspberry coulis
  7. Raspberries and icing sugar to top


Mr Sweeney said: “Leave the white breadcrumbs for a day to dry out and then use. 

“One pound of golden syrup – you add one to the other, with two teaspoons of lemon juice.”

He added: “You can make your own pastry cases, but with all that palaver – is it worth it?

“You can buy these from your local supermarket.”

The chef commented: “The sweet sticky mixture is then spooned into the cases and that’s it.

“With all due respect they’re old school, aren’t they?

“This is a classic example – one of their dishes that’s been passed down from generation to generation, loved by all.

“Let’s not change it for the sake of changing it!

“It’s good, we know it’s good, it’s always going to be good.”

Mr Sweeney continued: “What we do then is just pop those in the oven for 20 minutes – job done. The world’s easiest dessert!

“Once it’s cooked, place the tart on a plate and serve with Sauce Anglaise – that’s fancy talk for custard.

“Add some Raspberry Coulis and voila!”

The chef proceeded to add a raspberry in the centre and dust with icing sugar for the perfect decorations.

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