Masterchef: John Torode makes a pasta carbonara

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John Torode and Gregg Wallace are back with a new series of Celebrity MasterChef. BBC One viewers have been seeing their favourite celebrities take on the infamous kitchen and cookery challenges. In a previous episode, the Australian chef tasked the contestants with making a classic pasta carbonara in just 20 minutes. Here’s how John suggests the Italian dish is to be made using egg and absolutely no cream. 

John describes the dish as: “A bowl of pasta flavoured with bacon and the sauce coming from the egg, with lots and lots of cheese in it.” 

However he notes, unlike some recipes, his pasta carbonara “doesn’t have cream in it”.


250g smoked bacon


1tbsp olive oil 

2tbsps vegetable oil 

1 tsp ground pepper

600g pasta 

2 large organic eggs 

100g grated fresh Parmesan and Pecorino 

A handful of parsley, chopped to garnish. 


The first thing to do is to roll out the fresh pasta and John explains: “Start with a roller being thick and then slowly but surely make it thinner, and thinner and thinner. 

“You see now it’s the stage where it’s translucent and that is good pasta.” 

Next, the pasta has to be cut to produce “lovely [spaghetti] strands”. 

Once this step is done, the “pasta goes in [to boiling water] and it only takes two minutes”. 

While the pasta boils, the smoked bacon needs to be cut, and John advised to trim the fat off first. 

“There’s rind on it – we don’t want rind,” he tells MasterChef fans. 

After chopping the bacon rind off the next step is to add it to a hot frying pan that has a little oil in, in order for the bacon to “sizzle”. 

As for how the creamy sauce is created, one whole egg and one egg yolk are cracked and added to a bowl and set aside for later. 

“As soon as the pasta is cooked, straight into the pan [with bacon],” the chef continues. 

“I’ve taken it [the pan] off the heat completely, you put the cheese across the top, Pecorino and Parmesan – I like to use a mixture.” 

Taking the egg and egg yolk and “with just two forks” you mix everything together. 

John says: “There’s just enough heat in here to cook the egg and make the whole thing become a creamy sauce.” 


After mixing the dish together, John demonstrates serving the dish in a bowl and adds a little “cheese across the top” to finish it off and chopped parsley can also be added to garnish. 

Celebrity MasterChef continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One. 

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