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Nigella is known for her indulgent recipes full of flavour and her approach to Christmas turkey is no different. The TV chef has two main tips for the festive bird.

First, she always advises brining the meat.

What is brining? Brining means submerging meat in salty water.  

Brining helps to prevent meat from losing water when it is cooked.

Brine means the meat absorbs extra water when submerged, as well as holding on to it during cooking.

This is particularly pertinent for turkey, which many complain is often too dry when roasted.

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Nigella, on her website, recommends filling a large pan or plastic bucket with water, salt and spices and putting the turkey in it.

Then set it in a cold place, Nigella put hers by an open window.

Adding to her brine, the chef puts in oranges, cinnamon sticks, garni, carraway seeds, cloves, allspice berries, star anise and mustard seeds.

Another Nigella tip for Christmas dinner is adding maple syrup.  

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To do this, Nigella adds goose fat and butter or maple syrup together.

Then smother the turkey with the glaze before putting it in the over.

Nigella will appear in her TV programme Cook, Eat, Repeat tonight at 8pm on BBC Two.

In it the chef cooks in a lavish kitchen, giving Britons her professional insight into getting the best out of their cooking.

It has been claimed the kitchen in the programme is based on Nigella Lawson’s home.  

The chef lives in a £5million London home, which she has shared some images of on her Instagram.

Her kitchen has a green Aga with a black top that has been placed below a silvery, metallic tiled backsplash panel.

Above the Aga is a silver rail where she hangs her cooking utensils which range from being silver and copper in colour to duck egg blue.

Another celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, lives in a £6million Essex home.

He shares his home with his wife Jools and their five children.

His stunning 16th-century home includes six bedrooms, a farmhouse, a lodge, an extensive kitchen, converted stables and a lot of outdoor space.

Jamie hs made millions in his career from books. 

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