You remember Nesquik, right? Nestlé’s chocolate milk syrup or powder is already a nostalgic treat, and during a pandemic it’s especially needed as either a source of comfort or a strategy for appeasing screaming children.

Now, it looks like it’s available in a new, even more indulgent flavor that’s perfect for a world where it really doesn’t matter what you put in your body anymore. As evidenced by this Instagram post from @JunkBanter, you can now use this Nesquik powder to instantly transform a plain glass of milk into a hot fudge sundae.

I think it’s time I start drinking chocolate milk again! New Hot Fudge Sundae Nesquik, available at Walmart and first reported by @theimpulsivebuy. I don’t even need to review this; the package already says it’s delicious.

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Currently, it’s available from Walmart’s website, which doesn’t have much in the way of further details beyond listing the ingredients (sugar, cocoa processed with alkali, less than 2% of soy lecithin, natural flavor, carrageenan, salt). Apparently “Carrageenan” is some sort of extract from a red edible seaweed that’s sometimes used in dairy or meat based products, so consider that your fun fact for the day.WATCH: How to Make Oreo Cookie Pie

Strange ingredients aside, using this stuff is just as easy as you remember. Just dump two tablespoons into a glass of milk, swirl it up, and go to town. If you’re really bored during your quarantine, maybe you can then freeze the mixture to somehow reverse engineer an actual ice cream sundae?

If you want to embark on that sort of a culinary and philosophical exploration (or you just want some sweet milk), you can get an 18.5 ounce portion of this from Walmart’s website for $4.28. If you’re already planning to (responsibly) stock up on essentials from there, you might as well add it to your cart and instantly transform dinner into dessert.



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