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Cleaning influencer and mum-of-two Sophie Hinchcliffe, who is known online as Mrs Hinch, has shared a McDonald’s Happy Meal hack which has changed mealtimes for her and the kids “forever”. In a video posted to her Instagram page @MrsHinchHome, Sophie says she believes she is “late to the party” on the hack.

“Yep, I was today years old when I realised that you could do this,” she said as she showed herself pulling a handy tag situated in the middle of a Happy Meal box from McDonald’s.

She shows how when you pull the tab, it peels the box in half and removes the lid from the bottom half of the box. The bottom of the box can then be used as a plate, where the chips and burger or chicken nuggets can be popped into.

In the video, Sophie said: “What have I been doing all my life? I have no idea but I promise you now this has changed my life altogether.”

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The handy hack makes it easier for little ones to eat their food and means the food items can be removed from their packets.

“Whaattt! Please tell me I’m not alone here? Did anyone else not know this?” Sophie wrote in the caption of her video. “Why am I always late to the party?” [SIC]

Luckily, Mrs Hinch doesn’t seem to be the only person only just discovering the hack. A user named Carly commented on the video, writing: “You are not alone.”

Another said: “I saw a friend do this at Christmas time when we had a meal there. Blew my mind lol.” [SIC]

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Other commenters shared their experience using the hack as parents. Georgia Kousoulou, who shot to fame on The Only Way is Essex, said: “It’s the best thing ever.” Another mum wrote: “We have been doing this for years. We also now use the top half as a hat.”

Mrs Hinch isn’t the only person to have discovered a McDonald’s hack in recent months, with many customers taking to TikTok and Instagram to discover inventive menu tips.

TikTok page @healthyjunkfood shares food hacks and reviews with an audience of 1.1M followers.

The user said that a simple drive-through hack would not only mean your fries would arrive “hot and fresh”, but also make a “better” experience when dining on the go.

The man behind @healthyjunkfood explained: “Next time you hit up the drive-through ask for a medium fry with no salt.

“We all know they will make it fresh and hot this way, but the new hack is when you roll up to the window and politely ask them for a medium cup and salt packets.

“Pour a few salt packets into the cup, dump in your fries and shake them up. With the residual oil, the salt will stick to the fries nicely giving you hot, fresh salted fries.”

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