In a TikTok video titled “the best scrambled eggs” which has been watched by 4.1 million people, Chef Kelly began: “There are two methods to make scrambled eggs; the slow and soft way, or the fast and hard. This is how you do fast and hard method.”

Start by cracking eggs into a mixing bowl, Kelly used four, and then “whisk the absolute s*** out of them”.

She explained: “I mean a lot of whisking, you want a lot of air in these eggs to make them fluffy.

“Then we’re going to do a nice salt and pepper – keep it simple. I do like my pepper though, so I’m going to do a lot.

@kellyscleankitchen How to make scrambled eggs – the fast and hard way #scrambledeggs #eggs #cooking ♬ original sound – Chef Kelly Scott

“Bring a non-stick pan to high heat and test it with a splash of water, if it sizzles, we’re good to go.

“Add some clarified butter, drizzle it all over the pan – it’s nonstick stick so you don’t need a ton of butter.

“Once it’s hot we’re going to add our eggs and start vigoriously moving them around with a spatula.

“Stir them around for a nice scramble – this takes about 20 seconds because we’re doing fast scrambled eggs here, super fast!

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“You’re going to want to pull them a second before they’re done – you want a little bit of runniness to them as they’re going to cook a little bit more [with the residual heat].

“Add some chilli flakes – or whatever you want on top. And there you have it! The perfect soft, scrambled eggs in 20 seconds.”

Jesse W asked: “Doable with cheese? I love cheesy eggs.” Chef Kelly replied: “Absolutely! Add towards the end.”

Lynn wrote: “Yum, these look perfect! Really appreciate you sharing these techniques!”

Clemmo said: “That’s exactly how I do my scrambled eggs! It’s the best way!”

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