Lorenza Isso Celebrity Kitchen

We’ve seen Lorenza Izzo on screen (in roles such as Francesca Capucci in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and Genesis in "Knock Knock"), but now we have an exclusive look into her very own home kitchen. The Colombian actress and model walked us through her spacious—not to mention, gorgeous—kitchen and revealed the staples she can’t live without. Sour Patch Kids in the freezer? Yeah, she’s our kind of kitchen role model. 

Not only is Izzo’s kitchen bright and beautiful, it’s also incredibly functional. The pull-out shelf in her corner cabinet gave us serious storage envy. The open layout with the double-door fridge as the centerpiece gives the space a pleasant, calming flow.

Watch the video above for the whole tour, and check out highlights below.

Starting with her ingredient staples, Izzo has fresh lemons on the kitchen counter at all times, keeping her favorite lemon squeezer (walmart.com) close by for easy juicing. Garlic and olive oil also have a permanent spot on her counter, as Izzo says she puts olive oil in “literally everything.” 

Coffee keeps Izzo from being a “monster” in the morning (we can relate), and her adorable yellow Moccamaster (williams-sonoma.com) is the perfect brewer for the job. This award-winning coffee maker isn’t cheap, but it sounds like it’s well worth the investment.

Izzo thinks of her pantry as organized chaos, but with labeled bins and designated sections, it looked a lot more of the “organized” than “chaos” to us. Izzo has bins for wellness staples, baking items, rice and legumes, and dog food. Sometimes the labels don’t necessarily go with the foods (i.e. cookies in the long pasta bin), but hey, nobody’s perfect.

As for sweets, Izzo makes sure to always have Petit Ecolier cookies (walmart.com) in the pantry, and if you’ve never tried these French cookies, you need to find out what you’re missing. Candy is also a must in her household (hello Haribo peach gummies), but she has a special spot for it in the summer months: the freezer. That’s a brilliant candy hack if we’ve ever heard one.

Moving on to the fridge. Aside from eggs and butter, wine is another must-have in Izzo’s house. Lately, she has loved sipping on biodynamic wines from Roni Selects, a company that sources natural wines from primarily female-owned and female-run wineries around the globe. Next to the wines, we found a large collection of hot sauces: Tabasco, Cholula, and Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce, to name a few.


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Za’tar, Labne, and Coca-Cola are some other items Izzo can’t live without, and she never fails to have a fully-stocked cheese drawer. Stumptown Cold Brew (walmart.com) is her coffee of choice on the days she gives the Moccamaster a break. Oh, and we can’t forget her favorite avocado holder (walmart.com), which keeps her avocados fresh after they’ve been cut.

Last but not least, Izzo shared her best tip for fresh-tasting coffee: storing the beans in the freezer. Izzo stocks her freezer with whole-bean coffee beans from Cafe Integral, which is her favorite coffee roaster. Good news, they deliver! 

Thank you for the tour, Lorenza! Follow her on Instagram at @lorenzaizzo, and make sure to watch her star in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels every Sunday on Showtime.

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