Chicken Parmesan Aphrodisiac

Stuck in a rut? Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bedroom, it happens to the best of us. Here’s a hot and cheesy tip to spice things up: Apparently New Yorkers are using chicken Parmesan as an aphrodisiac—and it’s working.

The New York Post detailed the delicious phenomenon in a recent article. 

“Chicken parm guys find me. You don’t realize how many there are,” Carly Spiewak, a market researcher who noticed the trend on the dating app Hinge, told The Post

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“There’s questions that you answer on your profile—like, ‘Describe your perfect date,’ and all that corny stuff. If the question had anything to do with food, a bunch of guys would be talking about chicken parm. I thought, ‘What is this phenomenon?’ I told my friends, and one of them sent me three screenshots that night of guys talking about chicken parm.”

This isn’t an isolated incident. People all over the city, and presumably the country, are getting turned on by the Italian-American favorite. 

Johnny Adler, who works for a catering company, said that chicken Parm is “totally an aphrodisiac” and that we’re currently in the midst of “chicken parm season,” when the temperatures drop and singles start looking for someone to snuggle up to.

It makes sense: Chicken Parmigiana is the food equivalent of a big, cozy blanket.

“I think chicken parm can be the new Engagement Chicken,” said Jeff Zalaznick, co-owner of Major Food Group. (Here’s the low-down on the chicken recipe that’s said to spark proposals).

Not everyone is buying into the hype, however:

So is the comfort food the key to sexual healing or a one-way ticket to bloat city? Looks like you’ll just have to try one of our best chicken Parmesan recipes to find out—be sure to keep us updated.  

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