Lidl Christmas Secrets: Consumers taste test Christmas puddings

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For Channel Five’s Lidl Christmas Secrets, a group of foodies tested various Christmas products from two different stores – a budget retailer and a high-end shop. After nibbling, or drinking, the products without knowing where they were from, they revealed their preferences. The results were surprising. 

Lidl was the fastest-growing bricks and mortar retailer last year, according to the Channel Five programme.

Customers seemed drawn to the supermarket due to its delicious products for low prices.

It has many Christmas products on offer, from vegetables and roast potatoes to turkey and ham.

One of its most popular items is its Christmas pudding, which the experts on Lidl’s Christmas Secrets tasted.

The foodies were given two Christmas puddings to try – one from Lidl and the other from Fortnum and Mason.

As well as the differences in taste, the two puddings are hugely different in price.

Lidl’s Deluxe 24 Month Matured Christmas Pudding costs £8.99, while Fortum and Mason’s Magnificent Plum Christmas Pudding costs a whopping £39.95. Both puddings serve eight people.

Lidl does have a cheaper pudding for £3.69, which also serves eight, as does Fortum and Mason.

However, the high-end retailer’s cheaper pudding serves only four people, and costs £12.95.

Without knowing which pudding was from which supermarket, the foodies on Channel Five’s programme tastes both.

“Very good, moist, not dried out, and lovely flavours,” were some of the adjectives used to describe the Lidl pudding.

Another expert said the cake was “quite delicate and not overpowering”.

One person added: “It has a decent amount of fruits and quite big nuts.”

As for the Fortnum and Mason version, the experts all agreed that it had bigger nuts, but that was its only positive feature.

Another tester said they were “not that keen” on the pudding, while another called it “really dry” and “definitely drier” than the Lidl pudding.

“It’s a Malt Loaf type situation,” one of the taste testers added.

Everyone had therefore preferred the Lidl Christmas pudding, with one person adding it was “absolutely first class”.

However, when it came to tasting a drink to go with the Christmas pudding, the results were a little different.

Comparing a bottle of Prosecco from Lidl with one from Waitrose, the taste testers said they preferred the high-end supermarket’s version.

Lidl’s “wasn’t very strong” and was “like drinking white wine”. It was also “slightly flat”. Waitrose’s bubbly, on the other hand, was “fizzier” and “had a je ne sais quoi to it”.

The budget supermarket’s Prosecco was, however, a third of the price of Waitrose’s version.

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