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Lettuce is one vegetable that wilts and goes brown in a matter of days. If you’re looking for an easy way to store the leafy salad to make it last longer, a social media influencer has a clever food storage hack for you to try. 

Carleigh Bodrug, also known as @plantyou on Instagram is on a mission to create plant-based, “scrappy” or low-waste recipes. 

During a recent video, she shared a clever food storage hack with her 1.9 million followers. 

She titled the video with the caption: “Scrappy storage lettuce edition. Tag a friend who needs this and read my tips below.” 

Step one was to “break down the lettuce into small pieces”. 

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Fans watched her turn the iceberg lettuce upside down and stab a pair of scissors through the core. 

She then chopped the lettuce on either side of the scissors using a plastic knife. 

Using plastic or ceramic knives to chop salad helps prevent it from going brown around the edges.

If you don’t want to use a knife, you can use clean dry hands to rip the lettuce into chunks. 

Next, she washed the chopped lettuce using a colander, and just by running it under cold water before draining. 

A quick and easy way to make sure the lettuce is dry is by using a salad spinner. 

Carleigh then transferred the “clean dry lettuce” into a glass container. 

She chose a very large screw-top glass jar, but a mason jar or airtight plastic container works just as well. 

Once the container was full, Carleigh got a clean cloth, the size of a flannel and folded it into four before stuffing it into the job of the jar and adding a lid. 

She said a paper towel can also be used, but either one needs to be changed “every other day” as it absorbs the moisture. 

Finally, store the jar in the fridge where it will last for up to a month. 

Carleigh said to “watch out for signs of spoilage like slime or smell. Your lettuce should be crisp and odourless”. 

Instagram users flocked to the comments section with their own food storage hacks and advice. 

Someone with the username rcdraper wrote: “Same concept with a Ziploc bag and a towel.” 

Another named j_mike_robinson added: “Dry paper towels work well in bagged lettuce in the fridge.” 

One called jenny.auntie said: “I normally just use the lettuce by peeling it and the cutting the leaves. I use less and keep it in my paper-towel-lined vegetable drawer in the fridge. Cover with a layer of kitchen paper and it’ll last for a couple of months at least.” 

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