Cheesy dishes are the ultimate comfort food and are perfect for the approaching colder seasons, with dishes like cheese on toast and macaroni and cheese being cold-weather favourites. 

However, the majority of people do not think about how to store cheese, and simply leave it in the plastic wrap it came in from the supermarket when they store it in their kitchen fridge. 

One cheese expert has revealed that keeping cheese this way will cause it to go stale, smelly and mouldy much more quickly, and there is a simple and cheap food storage method to keep cheese fresher and longer. 

Erika Kubick is a cheesemonger and artisan who has published a cheese cookbook, and has explained why storing cheese in plastic will make it go bad. 

In a video online, Erika said: “This is a PSA for everybody who is still storing their cheese in its plastic wrap. Cheese is a fermented food, which basically means it is alive. It needs proper airflow and humidity in order to stay fresh and flirty.” 

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How to store cheese properly 

Erika explained that storing cheese in plastic is like cutting off its oxygen and that you are “basically suffocating the cheese” by storing it this way. 

She said: “You are also trapping moisture which can lead to unwanted mould growth and really weird smells and flavours.”

In order to store cheese correctly, all you will need is a ziplock bag and either parchment or wax paper. 

Erika said: “First things first, you’re going to get it out of its plastic wrap…and then you’re going to put it on top of your parchment paper, put it in the centre,

“Just wrap it as tightly as you can. I use the present gift-wrapping method, but you can do whatever you want. Just make sure it is fully covered. “

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Put the cheese in a ziplock bag and Ericka said it is “good to go” to store in the fridge. 

However, Ericka joked she had an even easier way to store cheese. She said: “Keep in mind that the actual best way to store cheese is just to eat it right away and not store it at all.”

In Ericka’s comment section, many people praised her for the simple food storage hack. 

One user said: “This way is so helpful and took ten seconds to do, thank you!”

Someone else said: “You’re kidding me, how am I only learning this now? Better late than never I suppose!”

Another person wrote: “I will now be describing all of my fresh foods as fresh and flirty! I started doing this and it’s a fantastic technique.”

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