Prince and Princess of Wales arrive in Birmingham

Kate, Princess of Wales and Prince William revealed their favourite alcoholic drinks while promoting a bar to put a royal beverage on the menu.

Last week, the royal couple visited local restaurants and bars in Birmingham to celebrate the city’s business.

The Princess and Prince of Wales amused royal fans while visiting an Indian restaurant called Streatery by taking a booking call, which “absolutely shocked” the unsuspecting customer when they were told they had spoken to William.

However, both Kate and William have also revealed what they like to drink on a night out, with the Princess admitting she “quite likes tequila” while the future King has a taste for something “silent but deadly”.

Paulos Barron, who co-owns the local No.21 bar, was surprised to learn Kate enjoys a “spicy Margarita” instead of a sweet cocktail and has promised the royal he would name a drink after her.

The drink will be called “Kate’s Margarita” also known as “the spicy one with Tequila” which is how Kate described her favourite drink.

In an interview with BirminghamLive, Paulos revealed he asked the Princess of Wales what her favourite drink was when he was chatting to her.

Paulos said: “I promised Kate that we would name a cocktail at No.21 after her! So instead of it being a Spicy Margarita, it would be called ‘Kate’s Margarita’ in her honour.”

He added: “Kate said she wasn’t a big drinker, but when she does have a drink that’s her ‘go to’ cocktail. She was absolutely lovely.”

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The No. 21 bar will be having a special photoshoot this Tuesday to reveal the drink where it will be officially placed on the menu.

To make Kate’s favourite drink, Paulos revealed the recipe: “Tequila Reposado, lime juice, chilli and agave.

“Shaken and served in a rocks glass with a half-moon Tajin rim.”

The Prince of Wales also revealed his favourite drink and admitted that he enjoys drinking vodka.

In particular, the royal said he likes to order a Kamikaze cocktail which he described as “silent but deadly”.

To make William’s drink, the recipe contains vodka, triple sec, lemon juice as well as one lime wedge.

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