You may have been making scrambled eggs for years, but Jamie Oliver’s tips will take your breakfast from good to glorious.

In a YouTube video entitled “How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs”, the celeb chef shared how budding cooks can have the best possible brekkie.

Jamie also shared how to make French and American-style scrambled eggs, but this recipe is for good old-fashioned English eggs.

Jamie started: “The chicken egg is the most delicious and cheap form of brilliant protein on the planet – fact. They have loads of micro-nutrients and they’re so quick to cook.”

If you’re making English scrambled eggs for two people, two eggs each will make for a filling breakfast. Whisk these together in a bowl, then add a little salt.

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Jamie made an important distinction between types of eggs, stating that he “hates factory eggs”.

Instead, the star chef goes for barn eggs. He added: “And of course, free range and free range organic is the way to go.”

Grab a saucepan, whack it on a medium heat and add a generous knob of butter. Pour this into the saucepan.

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Pick up a little spatula and use it to move the eggs around quickly every five or so seconds.

He told budding chefs: “Some people put milk in, some people put cream in, but if you cook it right you don’t need any of that.”

When you take your eggs off the heat, they will continue to cook because the pan is still warm. To avoid overcooking, push the eggs to one side of the pan.

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Spoon your scrambled eggs onto slices of toast. Butter the toast if you like, but remember the eggs already contain a knob of butter.

The result? “Completely beautiful but still soft in texture. So, English eggs done – soft, gorgeous, delicate.”

Enjoy your scrambled eggs on toast on its own or cook up some bacon, sausages, hash browns, grilled tomatoes and baked beans.

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