In recent weeks, every evening at 5.30pm, Jamie has appeared on Channel 4 to give some of his simple recipe tips. The show, titled, ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’ helps people at home cook and food shop during the coronavirus crisis. Due to travel restrictions and the Government’s rules which stipulate that people should only leave the house for essential items, many have been forced to scrape meals together from what’s hidden at the back of their cupboards.


  • Jamie Oliver: TV chef shares ‘most basic’ bread recipe

But while many try to buy essentials from the supermarkets, a lot of stores have run out of the fundamentals.

Supermarkets have also been forced to impose strict shopping rules.

So, from lentils to cans of beans, Britons have been forced to get creative.

This week, Jamie advised viewers on how to make homemade burgers with a delicious salsa.

His meals aim to be flexible and provide people with various swap-ins.

And today was no exception as he took to the kitchen with his wife Jules to create a tasty dish.

The recipe also allowed people to create a separate meal out of it and freeze it to cook later on.

He began the show saying: “So, we’re a few weeks in now and I think we’re starting to find a bit of a flow with all this cooking malarky.

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“And even though I’m filming this from home, and I’m turning it around so quickly with my wife with all the kids around, I’m so proud of this.

“This new approach of looking like recipes more like principles where you can own the recipe – it doesn’t own you – is good.

“There’s a whole load of people who have never cooked before who are cooking so this is positive.”

He described today’s dish as an “old Oliver classic” called the “Botham Burger” which was named after the cricketer Ian Botham.

He also said that the dish helps “break the monotony” of figuring out what to do with mince meant.

Jamie used 1kg of mince meat and 100g of bread crumbs but he said that people at home could use 250g of mince meat.

He then gave a great tip for people that don’t have enough mince meat or want to make a veggie version.

He said: “You could also put in – in fact I will – some lentils.

“Normally, in a burger it’s just straight meat.

“The interesting thing about lentils is that you’re stretching another portion out which is great and it’s really, really nutritious.

“So we have breadcrumbs, lentils (optional) – you could use beans if you wanted to, scrunched in – and the mince meat.”

He then added cooked off leeks and carrot along with gherkins and herbs.

Rather than using all the mixture for burgers, he also shaped some of it into a meat loaf which he then said he will put in the fridge to cook another day for a different meal.

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