Every evening at 5.30pm, Jamie has appeared on screen to give Britons some of his simple recipe tips for cooking and food shopping during coronavirus lockdown. Most have Britons have been confined to their homes which has left many with a lot of time on their hands. But thanks to Jamie, plenty of Britons are now taking the opportunity to start cooking and creating stunning dishes using very few ingredients.


  • Jamie Oliver shares ‘easy 15 minute’ recipe to make at home

Due to travel restrictions and only being able to go out the house for essential items, many have been forced to scrape meals together from leftovers, tins and old vegetables.

The latest advice from the Government stipulates that shoppers are only allowed to leave their homes for essential trips to the supermarkets and their daily exercise.

However, supermarkets have also been forced to impose strict shopping rules which has seen many left queuing outside shops.

From old potatoes to cans of tuna, the nation has been getting creative in the kitchen.

And Jamie’s new Channel 4 show, ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’ is giving people top tips on exactly how they can use some of those items to create incredible cuisine.

This week, Jamie showed viewers how to make a delicious Easter dessert that doesn’t use sugar or eggs.

The delicious-looking concoction is both simple and delicious and includes simple ingredients.

Jamie uses old hot cross buns (he uses frozen), custard powder, milk, old apricot jam, butter, nuts (optional), dried fruit (optional), vanilla paste (optional) and chunks of chocolate.

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The TV chef explains that he has in fact run out of sugar so is using the apricot jam to sweeten the custard.

He said: “This is a recipe that can really embrace any leftover bread. If it is just normal bread or fruited bread. I will show you one without eggs. I’m going to make an old school custard, I’m going to flavour it up.

“Get your hot cross bun and take the tops off so you have the ‘pretty side’ and the ‘ugly side’. In this recipe, of course we want it to be rich, we want it to be crispy on the top and custard-y in the middle.”

He made the custard with the powder and two pints of warm milk which he said can be swapped out for plant-based milk.

He used two table spoons of custard powder for every pint of milk before explaining that the custard would play two roles in the dessert.

“First of all, it will be the cement to hold all of this together and create a beautiful thing and two, there’s a lovely custard to go on top of it.

“Now you would normally sweeten this with sugar but we actually haven’t got any sugar left in the house so we’re going to use apricot jam. You could use marmalade. We use this as a flavouring and a sugar.”

He added four tablespoons of jam to the custard but left some in the jar to glaze the pudding later.

Jamie then suggested adding vanilla paste if people have some at home.

He then broke up 100 grams of chocolate into cubes which he later used to put into the dessert.

Half the hot cross buns are broken up into pieces and are topped with custard in a large oven-proof dish.

He mixed the broken up hot cross bun with the custard before sprinkling almond flakes on top and then adding chunks of chocolate into the dessert.

Jamie topped with the other halves of the hot cross buns which he spread with butter and leftover custard on one side.

The chef spread butter on top of the bread in the pudding before putting it in the oven for 50 minutes until it is golden.

After 45 minutes, he glazed the pudding with apricot jam and water, before cooking for a further five to ten minutes.

He served with the leftover custard.

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