Jamie Oliver shares his recipe for crispy roast potatoes

Jamie Oliver, 45, once again took to television screens tonight to impart his culinary wisdom with the nation. One of the biggest cooking days of the year is now fast approaching. Christmas dinner is a real highlight for countless Britons – but getting it right is key.

Roast potatoes are an all-important part of the festive meal.

Tonight, Jamie shared a handy hack for nailing the ‘crispest, most wonderful’ roasties.

The trick is to use a potato masher.

Fear not, the TV chef is not suggesting cooks mash the potatoes.

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Instead, he advised viewers to use the utensil to press down on the top of the roast potatoes partway through cooking the beloved vegetable.

This will greatly enhance their taste as more of the spuds will be exposed.

“There’s a really important thing here that I need to show you,” Jamie said.

“With a potato masher, we can increase crunchiness by just lightly putting a bit of pressure on the potatoes to give them more surface area.

“That way you get the crispiest, most wonderful potatoes.”

Jamie’s fans were grateful for his cooking wisdom this evening.

“Ta for sorting my Christmas dinner,” wrote one on Twitter.

“Had forgotten tip about gentle pressure on the roasties to make them crispier.”

Jamie’s sage, onion and apricot Christmas stuffing also won praise from audiences.

For this, the chef included a “curveball ingredient.”

He advised using vacuum-packed chestnuts.

“If you crumble them they actually crumble into a chestnut flour and was will also thicken the gravy,” he explained.

Golden apricots also make for a “secret ingredient…that really makes a difference,” said Jamie.

“Lived and served Jamie O last year for Xmas his stuffing recipe AMAZING,” one Twitter user enthused.

As for the turkey, the chef recommended asking your butcher to take the legs off and de-bone the legs.

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