Though it started as little more than a pleasant shade of neon green, there’s a whole fluorescent rainbow of Mountain Dew flavors out in the world by now. There’s also a community of people willing to buy Mountain Dew-scented candles. Put those two things together and you get a blizzard of swirling rumors that suggest a new, blue flavor of the Dew is headed our way sometime soon.

Based on some Reddit posting, it sure looks like something called Mountain Dew Frostbite is in the works. According to a post in the Mountain Dew Subreddit (yes, it exists), user “mtndewinsider” has an inside scoop on the new flavor via an unnamed source. From what we can tell, it looks like this antifreeze-colored Mountain Dew will be sold exclusively through Walmart, beginning in April of 2020.

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And that’s about all the information we have to trade on at the moment. There’s no clue as to what sort of flavor this dollop of Dew is supposed to approximate, unless you’re somehow able to divine its flavor profile based on the picture of a shark breaking through thick ice that appears on the label. I’m assuming (praying) that doesn’t mean it tastes like fermented Greenland shark.

The lack of concrete details didn’t stop excited Redditors from weighing in, however. “I can totally picture this being some kinda mint berry flavor,” one commenter said. That was immediately countered by a reply which stated that mint “sounds awful to me.” Another questioned why an ostensibly cold-weather themed beverage wasn’t dropping until April, which received a reply from a galaxy-brained Redditor who believed that this cold beverage is meant to offer swete relief in hotter months.

The only thing that we and one Mountain Dew fan on Reddit know for sure is that “the shark in a frozen tundra is a strangely unsettling combo, but perfectly Mtn Dew.” Presumably, all will be revealed sometime between now and April. Until then, Dew or Dew Not. There is no try.



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