Linda McCartney Food has partnered up with Hard Rock Cafe to create the ultimate summer festival burger. I headed to Hard Rock Hotel Cafe Oxford Street at Marble Arch to sample the delicious new dish.

It’s got to be said, Hard Rock Hotel is a really cool place to go.

The venue is spacious, vibrant and even has a huge stage for the nightly live band.

And as place that expertly fuses food and music, it made the perfect place for the launch of the new dish.

Perusing the menu, I opted for the star of the show – the ‘Glastonburger’ – which was the bestselling item of the menu on June 22, its opening night.

Paul McCartney is one of the most prominent celebrities to popularise vegetarianism and animal rights.

So of course it makes sense that the ‘Glastonburger’ is entirely meat-free.

It consists of a juicy Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian 1/4lb Burger, topped with iceberg lettuce, gherkins, melted Worthy Farm Somerset cheese and a classic burger relish.

The burger is encased in a fluffy bun and served with a generous portion of seasoned fries.

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I was told by a server that the portion sizes at Hard Rock are “American”, so I definitely went home satisfied.

As a meat-eater, often I feel that meat substitutes don’t quite cut the mustard.

But I could definitely not say that about the ‘Glastonburger’, and would confidently tell other meat eaters to snap it up quick.

If I wasn’t told beforehand, I would have been totally convinced I was munching on a beef patty.

And vegans, do not fear, as with just a few adjustments, you can enjoy the ‘Glastonburger’ too.

The cheese can be swapped out for a plant-based alternative.

Hard Rock Hotel also makes a scrumptiously sweet vegan bun which I got to sample too.

Another interesting thing about the ‘Glastonburger’ is that it was created with legend Paul McCartney’s personal tastes in mind – he even named it!

It’s even being sold to music-loving foodies at Glastonbury this week, from June 22 – June 26.

Who knows, maybe Glasto headliner Paul has sampled the veggie burger himself in the past few days?

I washed down my burger with some gorgeous – and also generously sized – cocktails.

I opted for the signature cocktail Hurricane, which infused rum, amaretto, orange, mango, pineapple juice and grenadine.

Next, I went for the Bahama Mama, which was a delicious mix of Malibu Coconut Rum, crème de Banana, pineapple and orange juice.

I also snuck an onion ring from my guest’s plate, which was the perfect level of crispy.

Those who want to sample the limited edition ‘Glastonburger’ must act fast, as it is only available – for £15.95 – at Hard Rock Hotel, Marble Arch, until July 3, 2022.

Alternatively, here’s how to make your own to continue that festival even when Glastonbury is over.


Makes 1 Burger

One Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian 1/4lb

One seeded bun

Two leaves of iceberg lettuce

Two tbsp classic burger relish

One slice of Somerset cheddar or plant based alternative

One large gherkin, sliced

Chips to serve


First, you’ll need to oven cook your Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian 1/4 lb from frozen. Start by loosely wrapping your burger in tin foil (just like Paul McCartney does to lock in extra moisture) and preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan /Gas Mark 6.

Place the burger onto a preheated baking tray and cook in the centre of the oven for 15-20 minutes, turning halfway through cooking.

Add your chips to the oven and cook as per packet instructions.

Once the burger is nearly done, remove it from the oven and open the foil.

Add your slice of cheese before returning the burger to the oven to allow the cheese to melt on top of the burger for the final two minutes.

While the cheese is melting, cut your bun in half and lightly toast both halves so that it is golden in colour. Once toasted, add half your burger relish to the base half and set aside.

Take your burger out of the oven and place it on top of your relished bun base.

Then add your sliced gherkins and iceberg lettuce followed by the rest of the relish and finally your bun top.

Take your chips out of the oven and enjoy it all while deliciously hot.

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