Food hack: TikTok user shows how to 'save half of an avocado'

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Avocado starts to go brown as it reacts with oxygen in the air. It’s totally natural but is not particularly appetising. It is safe to eat, however. Most, though, was their guac fresh and green, which is where this expert hack comes in.

Founder of Texas guacamole brand Old Man’s Salsa explained how he keeps his product green for up to a week.

The guacamole expert said: “I am so sick of seeing videos about how to keep your guacamole green and no one ever mentions this.

“I manufacture guacamole, so I know what I’m talking about.”

He showed how he taps his guacamole before squeezing all the air out of the container before closing it.

He explained people should fill their pots of guacamole up as much as possible. This will help to squeeze out air from the tip.

He said: “Whatever container you have at home, I don’t care what the size is, you want to put a little bit more in there

“Then you want to tap that baby to get all the air out, all the bubbles.”

Tapping the guacamole gentle will help to push excess air out.

The oxygen in the air is what will make the guacamole go brown, so this is an important step.

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The expert went on: “Whatever lid you have, put it halfway on and start to tap that baby down.”

He then demonstrated how he closes the tub, a key element of the method.

The guacamole manufacturer showed how he uses his thumb to push firmly across the lid just before he closes it fully, pushing all the remaining air out.

He said: “Smear it until all the air’s out and then snap.”

“If you put lime juice and all that stuff in there already, as long as the air’s out it’ll stay green for like seven days.”

@oldmanssalsa This will work on whatever container you have at home. #guacamole #avocadohack #guacamolehack #fresh #foodmanufacturing ♬ original sound – Old Man’s Salsa

How to keep guacamole from going brown

Another trick is often suggested to keep guacamole green.

Some suggest putting your guac in a container that can seal airtight.

Before closing the container, pour half an inch of water over the top of the guacamole.

This should help keep guac fresh in the fridge, experts say.

Just gently pour away the water before serving again.

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From one hack to keep food fresh to another, how can you stop bread from going mouldy? 

A food expert claimed storing celery with bread can help stave off mould.

The kitchen expert, who goes by The Board Housewife, advised: “Keep buns of bread from moulding by adding a fresh celery stick in the bag.”

It is thought that the bread absorbs moisture from the celery, which stops it from drying out.

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