Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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Have you ever been disappointed to find your local McDonald’s isn’t serving ice cream? This website allows you to check which McDonald’s ice cream machines near you are broken, and the nearest place to get your McFlurry fix.

There’s nothing more disappointing than heading out in hope of a McFlurry, only to find out the machine is out of service.

Could this new website save you from having your hopes dashed?

Did you know there’s a website that tracks how many McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken in real time?

www.mcbroken.com has a map of McDonald’s across the world, updated throughout the day to let you know whether you can get your McFlurry fix.

According to mcbroken.com 12 percent of McDonald’s ice cream machines worldwide are not currently working.

If you zoom in on the UK on the map, you can zoom all the way into your local area to check whether ice cream machines at McDonald’s restaurants near you are in operation.

Red dots mark branches of McDonald’s with ice cream machines that are out of order, whereas green dots indicate those that are open for business.

The site only tracks ice cream machines, so you can still get the rest of your Maccies order – even if your local restaurant’s ice cream machine is broken.

The site was created by a software engineer from Berlin, Rashiq Zahid.

Rashiq said that he was able to reverse engineer McDonald’s API – a connection between different computer programmes – to check the ice cream availability.

Rashiq’s bot attempts to place orders for ice cream from McDonalds on delivery apps.

Speaking on Twitter, Rashiq (who tweets from @rashiq) tweeted: “To clarify how this works: McDonald’s keeps track which locations have a broken machine, I’m merely querying for those – no order gets executed, no ice cream is actually wasted.”

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In another tweet, he added: “The director of analytics at McDonald’s reached out to say they love it”

McDonald’s UK had to disappoint customers last month when they ran out of milkshakes due to supply chain issues.

However, thankfully McDonald’s took to Twitter to confirm that milkshakes are back in stores, as of September 13, 2021.

There is no indication of any widespread ice-cream shortages at McDonald’s across the UK.

However, McDonald’s ice cream machines have earned a reputation for often being out of use.

So much so that YouTuber Johnny Harris was inspired to make a documentary investigating the reason behind McDonald’s frequently broken ice cream machines for his 1.7 million subscribers.

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