Are you part of the cult — I mean, family — of the Dyson stick vacuums? To be honest I didn’t get the fuss over them. It’s a vacuum. That’s cordless. Yeah? 

Then I tried one. And when I saw what my living room rug actually looks like, as in, minus the semi-permanent coating of dog hair it wears, I found myself a believer, and a proselytizer. These machines don’t mess around. How they put so much suction into something so small and light I have no idea. But no matter how it works, the main thing is that I can suck the dog hair and dust and whatever else is floating around our 132-year-old house out of nooks and crannies that were previously impossible (hello, staircase that’s heretofore been impossible to vacuum) and make it disappear.

Of course all that mess has go somewhere, and the “where” is the canister (that fills up disconcertingly quickly!). There’s also residue that lands in the filter (although surprisingly not a lot) and the stray bits that can lodge in the cleaner head. So when I finally got a splurge-y Dyson stick vac, I vowed to invest the time to keep it nice and clean itself, so that it can keep my floors (and furniture and dog beds) clean, too. And it’s honestly not that hard. The only part I don’t like is that you need to let the filter and brush bar dry a full 24 hours or more, so if you needed to vacuum, but you washed these pieces last night, you’re out of luck until they dry.

You’ll want to wash the filter once a month. The manual says to wash the brush bar “regularly.” What’s that mean? Because anything lodged in the brushes can damage wood floors when you vacuum, let’s go with an as-needed basis. Just keep an eye on it and watch for gunk buildup. Here’s how to clean both parts. (And don’t forget to dump the canister anytime it’s full!)

Note: If you have any questions along the way, be sure to check your owner’s manual, as your directions could be slightly different, depending on the model you have.

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How To Clean Your Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

What You’ll Need

  • Sink access
  • A place for the filter to dry


Washing Your Dyson Stick Vac Brush Bar

What You’ll Need

  • A coin
  • Scissors or a seam ripper


Again, don’t forget to empty the canister any time the debris starts to reach the max fill line. You can also clean it with a microfiber cloth. Don’t use any products or water, though — just a damp cloth. 

When was the last time you cleaned your Dyson stick vacuum?

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