How to Access Wawa's Halloween Secret Menu

It's no secret that Wawa is possibly the most beloved convenience store chain in America. (As a former Philadelphian, I can confirm that the hoagies are as good as the hype.) But Wawa's secret menu—that might actually be the most secret secret menu out there. For those not in the know, the chain relies on a touchscreen ordering system, so unlike other quick-service joints where you may have to ask the cashier about any "secret" items, at Wawa, the secret menu—when available—is literally hidden as an Easter egg somewhere within the touchscreen. Luckily, if you want to unlock Wawa's Halloween Secret Menu, we've got the system hacked.

Wawa Secret Halloween Menu

To get inside, simply click the small purple goose on the lower left-hand corner of the ordering screen. That will bring up the secret menu book asking you to "come in for a spell." From there, you'll have the option to order three brand new sweet and fruity Cream Smoothies: Blueberry Pom Reader, Mystical Mango, and Spellbinding Strawberry. Wawa suggests these "spooky" variations on their usual mashup of fruit smoothie and milkshake "will only be offered for a limited time, so sip before they…disappear!" All three Halloween treats are available in both 16-ounce and 24-ounce sizes.

Meanwhile, if you can't crack the secret menu code (come on, it's not that difficult!), you're not entirely out of luck. Wawa says they've also brought back an item from last year's Halloween Secret Menu and added it to their regular menu for 2019. The Graveyard Smash—"a chocolate cookies and cream smoothie topped with gummy worms"—has returned and "is sure to spook and delight," Wawa writes. Yes, it does sound like a delightful indulgence. As for the "spooky" part, I'm not 100 percent sure what it is, but it may be that you can get away with calling something made from chocolate cookies and cream a "smoothie." Don't worry: I forget you, Wawa.

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