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I’m no wine connoisseur, but I enjoy the occasional glass (or three, depending on the day). And when I do drink wine, I typically find myself wishing I knew more about my taste preferences so I could make smarter choices when it comes to shopping for the complex beverage. Do I really want to taste the barrel? What exactly are tannins, and do I want them in my mouth? You know, that sort of thing. So when a friend gave me a gift card to Winc, a modern wine subscription service that recommends wine for you based on personal flavor preferences, I was quite intrigued.

My journey to becoming a Winc Wine Club member began with a quick, six-question inquiry into my taste buds. The quiz includes questions like how do you take your coffee? (“strong and black”) and do you like earthy flavors? (“I’ll more or less eat dirt”). Based on this information, Winc recommends four bottles of wine, although you can always make swaps if any don’t sound quite right.

The wine subscription service is a great way to discover labels and learn more about what you like and what you don’t. And—perhaps the most important aspect—it allows you to have wine delivered straight to your door. With no need to leave the house and peruse long aisles of wine varietals at the grocery store or local wine shop, it makes shopping for vino almost too easy.

Designed with accessibility in mind, Winc’s selection of wines starts at just $13. The company sources wine from vineyards and winemakers around the world, focusing on small batches and independent growers for high-quality, diverse offerings. If you’re looking to expand your palette and wine knowledge all from the comfort of your own home, head to Winc and stock your bar cart. Right now, you’ll even get $20 off when you buy four bottles of wine.

Winc Wine Club

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