A wise man once said, “If it tastes good normally, it’ll probably taste good blended up into a milkshake.” Alright, maybe no one has ever said that before… but I’ve just said it, and apparently, Hardee’s may agree with me. Starting today, the fast food chain will be testing a Froot Loops Mini Donut Milkshake — taking their cereal-inspired dessert and letting people drink it with a straw.

Hardee’s first added Froot Loops Mini Donuts to its menu last summer (along with sister brand Carl's Jr.). The dessert — which features five donuts, one in each of the cereal’s usual colors — earned our seal of approval thanks to “how closely they resembled actual Froot Loops cereal’s signature lemongrass-y notes.” Apparently, customers liked the concept too, because not only have these mini donuts remained on the menu, Hardee’s is upping the ante by using them as the basis for another new item.

Available while supplies last, the new Froot Loops Mini Donut Milkshake “features creamy, hand-scooped ice cream mixed with real milk, blended and garnished with Froot Loops Mini Donuts and whipped topping,” according to a company spokesperson. Yes, that means each shake comes with a donut atop its plastic cup, conveniently held in place by the straw. The suggested price for this sweet treat is $3.29, though Hardee’s warns that price and participation may vary.

Meanwhile, if the mini donuts alone are enough to satisfy your Froot Loops cravings, Hardee’s says it’s also celebrating the test of this new milkshake by offering the original Froot Loops Mini Donuts for just $1 with any purchase. Now, I’m not a lawyer, but “any purchase” would seem to imply that you could purchase a Froot Loops Mini Donut Milkshake and then get Froot Loops Mini Donuts for a $1. Not that I’d ever advocate such behavior, but I have been called a wise man in the past.

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