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In recent times, the fast food world is fixated on the various plant-based alternatives to staples like beef and chicken (at least if recent tests are to be believed). While those efforts at a more sustainable casual dining culture are admirable, they haven’t found a way to effectively replace the unsung hero that sits humbly atop any good burger: cheese.

To that end, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr have decided that what the people need in order to be happy is more cheese. Or at least that’s the inspiration behind their new mini menu of “Big Fried Cheese”(BFC) offerings that emphasize a melty, gooey eating experience made for people who enjoy pulling cheese apart for their Instagram audience just as much as actually eating their food.

As is this case with important tactical rollouts of cheesy foods, the BFC concept will debut in multiple formats. Starting today, the BFC Angus Thickburger will be available from both Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr, which features a 1/3 pound with lettuce, tomato, and whatever “Boom Boom” sauce is. But obviously the star of the show is the mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese coated in a breading fried to golden brown perfection.


If you feel the need to start your day with a significant amount of fried cheese, you’ll want to head to Hardee’s to pick up the BFC Frisco Breakfast sandwich. That’s all about a folded egg with that same bit of fried cheeses on top, plus bacon. So think of it as a BEFC, I guess.

According to Owen Klein Head of Global Culinary Innovation for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr parent company CKE, the BFC mindset is all about giving the people a big ol’ slice of happy pie. “Nothing says happiness like cheese and burgers. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are offering the new Big Fried Cheese to spread happiness and encourage some cheese pull goodness,” Klein said in a statement.

So if you want to stuff your body full of fried cheese, you’ll find that breakfast sandwich at Hardee’s, and the Thickburger both there and at Carl’s Jr. Above all, just remember that the “F” in “BFC” stands for fried, and not the swear word.


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