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The results of the survey showing how uneducated we are on plonk clashes with the sales figures. Last year Britain imported £3billion worth of bottles, bags and crates.

But we are unadventurous with our choices according to this year’s UK Wine Audit. Nearly all of UK adults (96 percent) wish that they were braver when choosing a wine.

Ninety-three percent would be more likely to expand their range if they knew more about the different options and how they are made.

Despite our ignorance nearly half of Britons – 45 percent – have pretended to know more than they do about wine to impress friends.

But when choosing which wine to have at a restaurant, 49 percent choose their tipple based on the price – with 33 percent seeking the cheapest option. Fifty percent don’t go out of their way to try something new, and 18 percent admit to sticking to what they know.

According to the survey of 2,000 wine drinkers, Pinot Grigio is the nation’s favourite, with 35 percent of people quizzed saying they enjoy this dry white wine the most. Two more whites, Chardonnay (32 percent) and Sauvignon Blanc (31 percent)

follow closely behind.The survey was commissioned to celebrate the launch of winemaking simulator Hundred Days. It gives a taste of a vineyard owner’s lifestyle and showcases the vast array of wines available. Lead designer Yves Hohler, from Broken Arm Games, said: “We hope it will inspire and tempt people.The nation is stuck in a wine rut.”

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1. Pinot Grigio – liked by 35 percent

2. Chardonnay – 32 percent

3. Sauvignon Blanc – 31 percent

4. Merlot – 24 percent

5. Rose – 23 percent

6. Cabernet Sauvignon – 20 percent

7. Pinot Noir – 19 percent

8. Zinfandel – 17 percent

9. Malbec – 16 percent

10. Rioja – 14 percent

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