There are myriad methods for making rich and silky scrambled eggs, but Gordon Ramsay’s technique differs wildly from the classic approaches.

The chef discussed his unique process during a 2017 episode of Masterchef that saw him cook before a room of competitors.

“The secret behind any great scrambled eggs is to make sure you do not overcook it,” Ramsay explained, cracking six cold eggs and three small nobs of butter into a saucepan before bringing the pan to the heat.

“Start cooking the eggs very gently,” he advised while mixing the eggs with a spatula. “Every time I stir, I’m cleaning the bottom of the pan.”

The golden rule here is to keep the pan on the heat for roughly thirty seconds before removing it for the same amount of time.

“[It] slows down the cooking process [and] stops the eggs from overcooking,” explained Ramsay. “You need to be very careful, if you’ve overcooked it you’ll see the scrambled eggs go very watery.”

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“It’s really important that you go on and off throughout the whole three minutes,” he added while placing the pan back on the stove.

All seasoning has to happen right at the very end of the process according to Ramsay, as salt can break down the egg and make it watery if introduced too early on.

Salt isn’t the only thing to add to the dish at the very end, however.

“Here is where it goes to a completely different level; take a teaspoon of creme fraiche. That gives a really nice creamy texture. More importantly, it stops [the eggs] from overcooking,” noted the chef.

“Come to serve you want to see nice and light, fluffy scrambled eggs [that are] a little bit creamy. They’re scrambled eggs to die for. Finally, finish with a little smidgen of chopped chives.”

The comment section of the clip was filled with approving remarks from viewers who had seemingly put the method to the test.

One viewer wrote: “To everyone who is hesitant to try this because they are “too runny” just cook them a little longer until they’re a consistency you’re happy with.

“They’re still amazeballs when ‘overcooked’ by Ramsay’s standards. I seriously won’t cook scrambled eggs another way now that I’ve tried this.”

“For the first time in my life I made eggs this way and my God they were phenomenal! So smooth and delicious,” wrote another viewer.

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