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Thanksgiving is still ahead of us, but the unstoppable juggernaut that is holiday candy does not obey the rules of traditional holiday calendar. In fact, 2019 has already seen some quite strange candy canes hitting store shelves. But nothing could prepare us for the introduction of some new, yet nostalgic candy canes that should be familiar to anyone who had a sweet tooth growing up.

Specifically, Walmart is now selling two different sets of Fun Dip and NERDS-inspired candy canes. They seem like a serious departure from the stodgy world of peppermint-based Christmas treats, both in terms of taste and function.

The NERDS Tangy Christmas Candy Canes are a sweet and sour take on the holiday staple, transforming the boxed candy into a familiar Christmas cane. Each pack of twelve comes with a variety of different tangy and tangy-adjacent flavors, including Tropical Punch, Road Rash Strawberry (sounds festive!), What-a-Melon, Oh So Very Cherry, Gotta-Have-Grape, and Seriously Strawberry. As you’d expect, the candy canes that compose this box are incredibly bright, ditching red and green in favor of bright pastels evocative of spring rather than a holiday just days after the Winter Solstice.

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Meanwhile, theFun Dip candy canes deserve credit for adding a new activity to the process of consuming the classic Christmas treat. The pack of six cherry-flavored candy canes features six of the classic pouches of Fun Dip candy dust frequently chugged by hyperactive youths. Specifically, the dip flavors are Cherry Yum Diddly and Razz Apple. They’re a great way to turn your tongue blue right before the holiday photos are taken, much to the disappointment of your entire family.

So if you find the process of eating normal candy canes too boring, or would rather cancel Christmas than eat another peppermint-flavored stick of sugar, you can get each of these sets of canes from Walmart for $2 each, available now. For a price like that, it’s at least worth trying out what stands as a classic candy form presented with a few new twists.  

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