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You’ll never have to flip an egg again after following this hack, a TikTok content creator has claimed. The simple trick cooks the egg through without flipping and potentially breaking the yolk.

Sean Jimminson shares his food hacks on his TikTok account @seanjimminsonfitness. Among the recipes for turkey meatballs and tasty chicken strips, he posted this fried egg hack.

The hack means chefs won’t have to flip their eggs, which prevents the yolk from breaking, preserving that creamy, yellow runniness. So how does it work?

Sean talked his followers through “the fried egg hack you didn’t know you needed.” All you need is a frying pan, an egg, a splash of water, and a pan lid.

The lid and water are used to effectively steam the egg, cooking the yolk through. Sean said: “Add a splash of water onto the lid and cover the egg.

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“And you’ll never have to flip an egg again. Once it’s sealed, remove the lid and you’ll get perfectly cooked fried eggs every time.”

A number of TikTok users commented on the hack, which has had 22K views, and not all were convinced. User McEnzo wrote: “I’ve always just popped mine under the grill to cook the top.”

Big Dave said: “All over this lately, known this for years.” An anonymous poster added: “I do them perfect without doing that but good tip for the useless.”

Steve Chapman said: “But it’s now poached not fried.” The original poster responded: “Ohh behave Steve, it’s just an egg hack.”

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This trick comes after another fried egg hack to flip eggs without breaking the yolk went viral. TikTok user Brooke shares her food tips on her account @mealsandmunchies, including recipes and cooking hacks. 

The hack has a huge 116K likes on the app. In it, Brooke takes the lid from a pan and gently tipped the eggs into it, being careful not to break them.

Then she turned the now empty pan upside down and put it over the lid. Then, holding the two together she carefully turned them the right way up.

When she removed the lid, the eggs were perfectly flipped and not broken or damaged in any way.

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