Food recalls aren't that 'common' says expert

Food recalls are issues when a food product poses a possible risk to the health of anyone who consumes it. In some cases, this can happen as the result of an incorrect ingredient making its way into the product.

Nestlé has issued an urgent warning to customers after discovering a “contamination” had occurred to a batch of one of its coffee products.

Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy UK recalled its Nescafé Shakissimo Espresso Latte 190ml because of contamination with residues of a cleaning solution.

According to the risk statement posted by the company, the coffee drinks have been “contaminated with cleaning solution containing hydrogen peroxide which may make the product unsafe to drink.”

Contaminated products may have an unfavourable taste and could also cause a “tingling sensation” if consumed.

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In the food recall alert, Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy UK states: “We are voluntarily recalling the above product due to the risk of the material used to clean the empty pots before filling in manufacture potentially causing an unpleasant taste with a tingling sensation when consumed.”

Only beverages marked with a use by date of 26/01/2021 are affected by the recall.

Customers who have purchased the product are advised not to drink it.

Instead, they can return the product to the store they purchased it from for a full refund.

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Stores selling this item will also display a point of sale notice explaining the contamination and offering advice for affected customers.

Customers can also send the lid of the product to a dedicated address.

The food recall states: “If you have bought Nescafé Shakissimo Espresso Latte 190ml as detailed above, do not consume it. Instead, dispose of the contents.

“Return the top of the pot lid with this use by date for a full refund.”

Customers can send the lid to Nestlé UK consumer services.

Other products made by Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy UK are not listed as being affected by the contamination.

The Food Standards Agency works with brands and local authorities to let consumers know about problems associated with food.

In some cases, a “food alert for action” is issued.

This provided local authorities with details for a specific action to be taken on behalf of consumers.

Often, when there is cause for concern over a product, brands tend to voluntarily recall the product.

In most cases, customers can apply for a full refund.

Products can also be “withdrawn”, which means they are removed from shelves.

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