Lynsey Crombie shares how to make dippy eggs in air fryer

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Almost everyone has an air fryer and they are incredibly versatile when it comes to cooking your favourite foods but in a healthier way. Lynsey Crombie, aka Queen of Clean, took to social media to show her followers how she cooks soft boiled eggs, or “dippy eggs” as she calls them in her air fryer. 

The social media influencer is usually sharing her best cleaning tips, earlier this week she revealed the fuss-free way to make soft boiled eggs. 

In the TikTok video, she explained: “How to do dippy eggs in the air fryer.

“I had to play about with this a bit to get it right, but once I got it right, absolutely spot on! 

“So, in they [the eggs] go [into the basket]. I’ve set the heat to 180 degrees Celcius [and] the timer to seven minutes. 

“Once they were done, they were absolutely delicious.” 

Keen to find out whether or not this food hack works, hundreds of fans tried Lynsey’s method. 

Bev commented: “Tested straight away and it worked.” 

Sue said: “I did it with large eggs from fridge for nine mins were lovely.” 

Claire added: “I used medium eggs 180 for six mins and they were perfect.” 

Lynsey originally used large eggs, and it is not known whether they were in the fridge beforehand or at room temperature. 

Some followers said it was just as easy to boil eggs on a hob but Lynsey explained how it takes “six minutes” to make soft boiled eggs on an induction hob and “costs more in energy” than using an air fryer. 

The time needed to make the soft boil egg depends on the size of egg used, and the model of the air fryer. 

As for what else you can cook in an air fryer, many people have been experimenting with breakfast recipes. 

Try placing a piece of bread on the basket, then take a couple of pieces of bacon and arrange them on top in a circle. 

Then crack an egg in the middle of the bacon and season with a little salt and pepper. 

Cook at 160 degrees for 10-12 minutes and out will come the perfect bacon and egg open sandwich. recently revealed the five items you should avoid cooking in an air fyer or risk a big clean-up. 

As for how you can ensure your air fryer remains clean, there are a few things to do after every use. 

Spritz all foods with oil before cooking, not only does this create a golden crumb for breaded items, but it also stops the food from sticking to the basket. 

Space the food out in the air fryer to allow even baking. Air has to flow around the food for it to become crunchy and/or caramelised.

Remember to clean the air-fryer after every use, but allow it to cool before doing so, this means you’re less likely to cause damage to the lining of the air-fryer drawer.

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