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I often have the urge to leave civilization behind and start a completely new life far away from the modern world. I picture myself meditating by a babbling brook, strolling through lush forests, and generally ignoring humanity. The only drawback I can see is that I wouldn’t be anywhere near a bar. 

Well, it looks like Busch is here to help out with that, at least for a limited time. The AB InBev beer brand recently announced it plans to open a “Pop-Up Schop” (get it?) for one day only.

Where is it? That part’s for you to figure out. All Busch will say is that it’s “in the middle of a forest, miles from the closest city.” From there, you’ll have to follow Busch on Twitter to keep up with the clues they’ll be tweeting out in the run-up to the July 20th launch. Based on a quick scan of their timeline and some Google Mapping, it would seem that any would be attendees will want to head to Missouri. Guess nobody who works for AB felt like travelling out of their home state? 

Lest you worry that Busch is just making you hike to the middle of nowhere for the sake of increased brand engagement, there’s something in it for both consumers and the environment. Everyone who manages to find the Pop-Up Schop has the chance to win free Busch Light for life, which sounds like a decent reward. Everyone also has the chance to buy a branded flannel in up to three(!) different sizes. 

More importantly, a partnership between Busch and the National Forest Foundation will ensure that 100 trees will be planted for every person who manages to find the hidden bar. If you’d rather stay in an air-conditioned room all weekend, you can sign a pledge to have Busch donate a dollar to the NFF on your behalf, with up to $100k going to preserving America’s national forests. 

So, if you were gonna get outdoors on July 20th between 10 AM and 5 PM (local time, presumably), you might as well try and get some free beer to go along with your fresh air. You probably only need to comb through a few thousand acres of forest to get there. 



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