Emergen-C Getty 3/13/20

Whether you like it or not, there’s a good chance you’re going to be spending a lot of time inside over the next few weeks, oscillating between over- and under-reacting to the Coronavirus situation. That process will involve both taking necessary precautions to protect your immune system, while also managing your nerves, potentially with the assistance of alcohol.

Well if you think the solution to all your quarantine problems should involve tossing some Emergen-C into a cocktail, uh… don’t do that. Recently a semi-viral tweet depicting a “Quarantini” made in part from Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin and Emergen-C has been making the rounds, which was perhaps inevitable given the circumstances. But much like Tito’s had to tell people not to use its vodka as hand sanitizer, Emergen-C felt the need to step in and provide some common sense reminders about how to use its product.

It makes sense that they’d warn against that sort of thing, given that alcohol isn’t really going to boost your immune system if you’re feeling under the weather. Though there is at least one person out there who thinks you can beat the coronavirus with a hot toddy, that probably has more to do with being relatively healthy and young than anything else.

For what it’s worth, Aviation Gin took a slightly more positive view of the Quarantini. “We do not recommend having a ‘Quarantini’ or any alcohol if you’re feeling under the weather,” a tweet from the brand’s PR team states. “[But] if you’re feeling fine and of legal drinking age, a little extra Vitamin C consumption doesn’t hurt.”

Look, the next few weeks (months?) of responsible, self- (or state-) imposed isolation aren’t going to be easy. Feel free to knock back a drink or two or five if you’re stuck inside but feeling asymptomatic. If you’re not, just take it easy and know that there will be plenty of booze to enjoy on the other side of this.


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