There are so many ways to cook eggs though one of the quickest ways is to scramble them in a hot pan. While many people serve them with toast and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, one TikTok chef has shared an even better way to eat them. Perfect for a busy morning, the recipe requires just two ingredients to make the filling breakfast.

Making an omelette is a great way to satisfy cravings for scrambled eggs, but they’re not always easy to make without it getting stuck to the pan or breaking.

For those in the mood for creamy scrambled eggs and a range of healthy toppings, TikTok chef Jamie Milne (@everything_delish) has shared her quick recipe.

The cooking hack had gone viral on the app, with many egg lovers rushing to try the simple breakfast made up of eggs and a tortilla.

While Jamie added a range of greens to her take on the omelette, the bare bones of the recipe really require just two ingredients.

To make the tortilla egg wrap, Jamie started by cracking two eggs into a bowl.

Though any in-date eggs can be used, golden yolk works best to give a rich yellow colour to the filling.

After whisking the raw yolks and whites together to form a gloopy mixture, the TikTok chef seasoned the eggs with a few dried herbs and spices.

Jamie used salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, and chilli for added heat.

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A pinch of each will do, though this can be adjusted to suit your personal taste. Dried herbs like parsley can also be added at this stage.

Once the eggs were seasoned, the avid home cook prepared a non-stick skillet with some oil and placed it over the hob on high heat.

Any size pan can be used, though a medium size is best for a uniform look when adding the tortilla.

To find the perfect fit, it is best to size up the pan with the chosen wrap before cooking the eggs.

After leaving the pan to heat up, Jamie emptied the raw mixture into the pan to fill the circular base.

She then allowed the scrambled eggs to heat up for around 20 seconds before placing a tortilla flat on top.

Timing this right is essential for creamy eggs, so it is best to add the wrap once the base of the scrambled eggs just starts to set, but is not yet cooked on top.

The TikTok chef used a large almond flour tortilla in her video, though any kind will do.

Once the eggs blended into the wrap to resemble a yellow omelette, Jamie topped the flat mixture with a handful of spinach, lightly fried mushroom slices and hot sauce.

Almost any toppings work for this recipe, including ham, cheese, cooked bacon, spring onions, or tomatoes. Once the toppings were added, the TikTok chef gently folded the egg tortilla in half to sandwich the filling.

She then left it to cook for a few more seconds before serving it fresh from the pan as her new “go-to breakfast”.

The recipe was a hit with Jamie’s followers too, with one pointing out that it is a “Mexican breakfast” that they had been eating since they were little, despite now being in their 40s. Another pointed out that the recipe is a long-time favourite of their 78-year-old father.

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