You don’t even have to tolerate gluten to know that cake is a wonderful dessert. Whether birthdays, bake-offs (British or otherwise), or just because you feel like it, almost any moment or occasion is perfect for cake consumption. But there’s one big problem: eating a cake by yourself can sometimes be interpreted as a cry for help.

Luckily, there will soon be Duncan Hines cake cups that not only justify the act of eating and making a cake for one, but also transport you to a magical realm in the process. That’s because beginning in February, the brand will launch Unicorn, Mermaid, and Galaxy cake cups, each functioning as a little brightly hued, easy-to-bake box of joy.

LIke with existent cake cups from Duncan Hines, the process of making them couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is pop the lid open, mix in three tablespoons of water, and microwave for a minute. Then, watch as the cake batter changes color, mix in the included confetti-like sprinkles, and enjoy some perfectly nice cupped cake. There’s no oven required whatsoever, meaning you can take your fun, fantasy-themed treat with you to go without having to worry about whether or not you left the oven on.

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This isn’t the first time Duncan Hines has served unicorn snacks in a cup. They introduced a similarly themed cookies and pudding cup last year, but this is the first time that cake has combined with the mythical horned beast.

As mentioned, each of these cake cups (which seem to pair perfectly with a Disney movie marathon) will hit store shelves in February, just in time for you to treat yourself after eating clean all January. Each individual cup retails for $1.65, so you can generously pick some up for your friends without breaking the bank.

So, yes: Unicorns and mermaids are real, if you count these mini cakes. Do with that information what you will.



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