While most of the time we’re content to let their potential health code violations slide, something tells me that child-operated lemonade stands aren’t going to be all that popular during summer 2020. But with even homebound people still needing lemonade, what are they to do?

Well, if you’re in the mood for a canned lemonade with a bit of an island vibe, then you could probably do worse than Dole’s Tropical Lemonade. The PepsiCo subsidiary behind the same gas station bananas you know and love recently introduced its take on the summertime staple that’s “made with real lemon juice and real sugar.” 

Apparently the drink is orange, which suggests the “tropical” part means that some other fruit is up in the mix. The presence of a pineapple on the can (plus Dole’s existing experience with pineapple juice) would seem to provide a clue, but I’m not sure how lemon + pineapple = orange. Perhaps there’s some mango up in the mix?

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This bad boy will be sold in 12-ounce cans, not to mention 20 and 67-ounce bottles. I kind of wish we could drink 40 ounces of lemonade while unable to travel further afield than our stoops, but maybe that’s too much to ask.

Given how many new variants on spiked seltzer and alcoholic popsicles are already on tap this summer, it’s good to know that there will be some new, non-alcoholic things to drink while trapped in our air conditioned nightmare. That said, I’m sure this would taste pretty good with some white rum. Do with that info what you will.


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