Le Pain Quotidien Pawmpkin Spiced Lattes

Originally created as a seasonal novelty, over fifteen years later, the pumpkin spice latte has completely saturated the market—appearing as a fall staple at chains across the country with increasingly earlier arrival dates. But though humans may have reached their maximum capacity for PSLs, the Belgian-founded bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien has found a new market to tap: dogs.

To complement their recently-launched, human-targeted Pumpkin Spiced Latte, on Saturday, October 26 (which is National Pumpkin Day), Le Pain Quotidien will debut its dog-friendly "PAWmpkin Spiced Latte." The chain says this PSL for pups is "a new 'off-menu' item served in a pup-sized cup and made of Certified Organic pumpkin puree (the same used in your PSL from Le Pain Quotidien)."

The good news for dog lovers is that Le Pain Quotidien will be giving out these PAWmpkin Spiced Lattes for free. But, bad news, the drink for dogs will only be available at two of the chain's more than 200 global locations—and both are in New York City: Le Pain Quotidien Mineral Springs at 67th Street & Central Park West and Le Pain Quotidien Sailboat Pond at 74th Street & Fifth Avenue.

Still, despite the limited release, the PAWmpkin Spiced Latte is a bit of a breakthrough: It appears that no chain, at least, has offered a PSL for dogs in the past. (I can't believe I am saying this, but I am genuinely surprised this may be a first.) So why did Le Pain Quotidien take this strange step? The move is intended to highlight that their Pumpkin Spiced Latte uses organic pumpkin and has half the sugar as Starbucks' trailblazing PSL—implying, I guess, that the ingredients Le Pain Quotidien uses are so good you can feel comfortable serving them to your pet.

Plus you dress your dog up in a stupid costume every Halloween anyway; he should be able to partake in the rest of the seasonal fun.

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