TikTok user shares potato peeling hack

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A hack to peel an apple has had an enormous 12.6M views on the app TikTok. A woman showed the internet how her crafty dad peels the fruit at the speed of light (almost).

The woman, TikTok user Ali DeCosmo (@alidecosmo) filmed her father peeling apples. She wrote: “My dad’s a genius.” The TikToker’s father cleverly used an electric drill to do the job in mere seconds.

He pushed the end of the drill into the apple. Then, taking the peeler, he held it against the drill and turned it on. The apple was peeled in mere seconds.

Ali’s father laughed as he handed the peeled apple over to his smiling wife to chop, presumably for an apple pie.

“Papa doesn’t have time for hand peeling,” Ali commented. TikTok users were in awe, with many excited to give the hack a try.

@alidecosmo Papa doesn’t have time for hand peeling #fyp #foryou #applepie #piebaking #handpeeling #drillpeeling @giada ♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

One wrote: “The way I’m actually going to try this with potatoes.” Another said: “Thanksgiving mashed potatoes are going to be so easy this year!”

“How many potatoes can you do that with?” another asked, amazed.

Others commented on the sweet family scene in the video. One said: “The mom just proudly cutting the apples he peeled.”

Another wrote: “The pure joy in his face! And she’s in the back all smiles too happy for him.”

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“Work smarter not harder,” another applauded the canny dad. ” Genius,” they added.

Of course, this hack is potentially very dangerous and it is not advised for you to try it at home. Peelers are very sharp and power tools should only ever be used by people with experience under supervision.

How to peel an apple with a knife

Use a sharp knife. Holding the apple firmly in one hand, use the other to press the sharp edge of the knife to the apple skin.

Then, turn the apple, being very careful to keep the blade away from your fingertips. Make sure to go slowly and apply consistent pressure to the apple with the knife.

Other cooking hacks are changing the lives of home chefs around the world.

One hack to dice onions perfectly has been dubbed “literally life-changing”. 

The hack was posted by Melanie Lionello who runs the TikTok account @frommylittlekitchen. The nutritionist and author detailed how to perfectly dice an onion.

The food expert wrote: “I was today years old when I learned that you could dice an onion like this. Please tell me I’m not the only one.”

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