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Perhaps more than any other season, fall brings with it a unique set of flavors. At this point, the existence of beverages, cheese, and even THC-laced baked goods all point to pumpkin’s place in the pantheon of autumnal tastes. Denny’s (wild card that they are) thinks fall means food that tastes like bourbon. Apple is a fall standby, but how can it stand out at a time when we’ve become almost numb to its tastes?

Enter Apple Pie Rolls, an unexpected fusion of America’s classic fall taste in something of an asian package. Think of it as a bite-ish-sized apple pie spring roll, complete with a caramel dipping sauce that makes it the ultimate decadent dessert or sweet appetizer to pair with your favorite flannel shirt.

Oh wow! ? I just spotted these absolutely amazing looking Summ! Apple Pie Rolls at my Costco! ? These are made like spring rolls and come with a yummy caramel sauce. I think these are just the perfect fall treat! ?? ($9.99)

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Available in packs of 16 spring (fall?) rolls for $10, this “perfect fall treat” was spotted at Costco. The only issue is that this snack that seems like it was the brainchild of Guy Fieri’s Vermont-based alter-ego may only be available up north. The box is clearly labelled “product of Canada”, and a US-based search for the apple pie rolls on Costco’s site yielded no results.

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Those who have managed to get their hands on these things, however, can attest that they’re very good. “[These] Spring Rolls are the best we have ever eaten,” Michel from Quebec is quoted as saying on a product listing page. “They are delicious. Yesterday we drove 100 km to Costco in Trois Rivières to buy more.”

So if you really love apple pie and always wondered what it would taste like as a spring roll with a caramel dipping sauce, make a run for the Canadian border to a Costco. Just make sure you have a more plausible story than “I wanted to try some apple pie spring rolls” ready to go if you don’t want to get stopped on your way back into the states.  

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