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Chris Beasley, from the home insurance company Smart Cover, said some simple tweaks can make the food last longer, including where eggs are kept in the fridge.

Many fridges have a specific space for eggs located in the door, but this isn’t the best place for them to be kept, according to experts.

Mr Beasley said: “Eggs store best at consistent temperatures.

“Which is why you might find they keep better on the top or middle shelf of your fridge.”

The door is the warmest part of the fridge and it’s also the most susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

The British Egg Information Service explained that eggs should be kept at a constant temperature and always below 20 degrees.

Although a lot of people store eggs in baskets on the kitchen counters, these should not be kept outside the fridge.

The British Egg Information Service also recommended keeping eggs in their boxes to avoid them absorbing any odours.

This is because eggshells are covered with 17,000 tiny pores.

Eggshells are porous and can allow oxygen and other bacteria from the environment to enter the shell. However, bacteria don’t grow well in the cold.

The average temperature of a fridge is around 4C, a temperature which inhibits food-spoiling bacteria such as Salmonella or E.coli.

Therefore, if any bacteria comes in contact with the eggshells in the fridge, they won’t grow and infect the eggs.

Healthline explained: “Storing your eggs in the fridge is the best way to keep bacteria under control.

” As an added bonus, it also keeps eggs fresher for much longer than storing them at room temperature.”

The health site also stated that eggs kept in the open only last for a couple of weeks.

Healthline explained: “A fresh egg stored at room temperature will start to decline in quality after a few days and need to be used within one to three weeks.

“Eggs kept in the refrigerator will maintain quality and freshness for at least twice as long.”

Expert Chris Beasley also explained that milk should not be kept in the door compartment.

He said: “Door compartments are actually warmer than the rest of the fridge.

“If you find your milk isn’t lasting very long, try storing it in the main storage area instead.”

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