READY IN: 2hrs 40mins


  • 12 lbdry white bean (Asturian beans)
  • 4ounceschorizo sausage (about 1 sausage)
  • 4ouncesblood sausage (optional)
  • 6ouncespork belly (can use country pork rib, or another fatty cut)
  • 1garlic clove
  • 1onion
  • 18 teaspoonsaffron
  • 3dropsextra virgin olive oil
  • 12 teaspoonpaprika

    Serving Size: 1 (632) g

    Servings Per Recipe:2

    Calories: 4702

    Calories from Fat 4275 g 91 %

    Total Fat 475 g 730 %

    Saturated Fat 81.1 g 405 %

    Cholesterol 111.3 mg 37 %

    Sodium 758 mg 31 %

    Total Carbohydrate75.5 g 25 %

    Dietary Fiber 18.4 g 73 %

    Sugars 4.8 g 19 %

    Protein 49 g 97 %


  • Soak beans overnight in water to cover.
  • The next morning, drain the beans and transfer them to a large dutch oven, add the onion peeled, the garlic clove, the chorizo, the morcilla if you’re using it and the pork belly.
  • Cover with cold water 1 inch above the ingredients. Add the saffron, a dash of extra virgin olive oil, the paprika and bring to boil. When the stew starts to boil with a ladle or a skimmer clean the impurities and foam on the surface of the stew and drop half cup of cold water. (In Asturias they call that “scaring the beans“!).
  • Cook on low for about 2 – 2 1/2 hours untill the beans are tender. Stir occasionally and scare the beans every 20 or 30 minutes with cold water. Try one bean to taste if it is tender and if it needs salt. If the beans are tender, turn off the heat and let it rest a few minutes.
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