As the year winds down, the champagne starts to flow with greater regularity. It’s a staple of holiday parties or wherever toasts and general merrymaking take place, and I’m pretty sure the year won’t change over unless you pop a bottle of bubbly on New Year’s Eve.

If you happen to have a taste for a particular, shall we say, affordable sparkling wine and want the world to know about it at your next at your next ugly Christmas sweater party, then this odd and unexpected collection of attire from André is right up your alley. To celebrate the season, they’re dropping some limited-edition holiday-themed apparel designed in partnership with internet ugly sweater purveyors Tipsy Elves.

In addition to the now-standard ugly Christmas sweater and “classy gold pattern” jumpsuit that’ll make you the hit of your next obnoxious daytime bar crawl, there are some pretty weird items in this year’s line. There’s a fanny pack that can store tiny bottles of booze. But why do that when you can buy an André sweater with its own built-in stocking that’s able to hold a full bottle of champagne? Not only is it incredibly convenient, but it’s sure to be a conversation starter as well.

If carrying your André around in its own little pouch wasn’t enough holiday kitsch, you can even decorate that bottle of Andre in its very own tiny little sweater, complete with a v cute hat on top. You’ll want to take that bottle home from the liquor store like it’s a newborn and have your very own photoshoot announcing its “birth”.

So, yeah. If you like popping open a bottle of champagne so much that you want to make it part of your fashion aesthetic this holiday season, by all means head over to Tipsy Elves for the line’s launch to grab them while supplies last. Just know that open container laws probably still apply even if the alcohol is attached to your body.  

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