Got a tiny kitchen and an equally tiny budget? Don’t worry! There are plenty of super-smart-yet-very-inexpensive organizers that’ll help you make the most of the space you do have. Yes, even if you just have one measly cabinet and a few inches of counter space.

Let’s take a look: Here are 10 of the most brilliant organizers I could find for just $10 or less.

1. Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Organizer

As someone with a small kitchen, I can legit say that this has changed my life — at least my life in the kitchen. If your drawers (drawer?) is narrower than most, you might find that normal silverware organizers are too wide. Enter: this guy, which measures less than five inches wide and has room for a full set of flatware, plus a few extra pieces.

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Buy: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Organizer, $10

2. mDesign Over-Cabinet Towel Bar

Idea: Instead of using this for a dish towel, turn it around so that the bar part is inside of the cabinet (hang it on the cabinet under your sink) and hang any spray bottles you have under there (looking at that all-purpose cleaner!) by their triggers. This will instantly free up storage space in the cabinet.

Buy: mDesign Over-Cabinet Towel Bar, $9

3. 4-Sort Wire Dividers

Our Staff Writer, Lauren Masur, shares a small rental kitchen with two roommates and they’ve found that this rack totally improved their cookware cabinet. What used to be a jumbled mess is now nice and organized. And you can get the smallest one for just $4!

Buy: 4-Sort Divider, from $4 at The Container Store

4. YouCopia ShelfSteps 4-Tier Cabinet Organizer

This little guy manages to hold up to 12 spice jars and still measures in at less than a foot wide (meaning it will fit in even the skinniest upper cabinet).

Buy: YouCopia ShelfSteps 4-Tier Cabinet Organizer, $10

5. Copco Non-Skid Lazy Susan Turntable

It’s no secret how much we love a lazy Susan around here. And this one, although wildly inexpensive, is one of our favorites. It’s got a non-skid surface and a raised edge to keep bottles in place as you turn the base. Kitchens of any size need a lazy Susan, but small ones do especially. With one of these in a tiny cabinet, you’ll always be able to see what you’ve got.

Buy: Copco Non-Skid Lazy Susan Turntable, $10

6. Umbra Sling Flexible Sink Caddy

Your sink area needs organizing too! If you don’t have counter space for a sponge holder, consider this one, which hangs into your sink from your faucet and allows your sponge to fully dry between uses.

Buy: Umbra Sling Flexible Sink Caddy, $5

7. Command Broom & Mop Gripper

Whether you’re stuffing your broom and your Swiffer into a coat closet or you have an actual pantry, this gripper will make sure these tools have a home (and don’t fall over constantly).

Buy: Command Broom & Mop Gripper, $9.50 for two

8. Smart Design Kitchen Storage Shelf Rack

This little wizard turns one shelf into two and creates storage space out of thin air! Pop it into the cabinet where you keep your dishes and you have a spot for bowls or glasses.

Buy: Smart Design Kitchen Storage Shelf Rack, $8

9. Norpro 18 by 16-Inch Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher in your tiny kitchen, there are still some dishes that you’re going to have to wash by hand. This drying mat is probably best for your setup because it can be folded up and put away when it’s not in use and it will take up virtually no space.

Buy: Norpro Microfiber Dish Drying Mat, $5.50

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