Accessing video games is possible from almost any device. This means that many of the industry’s most attractive titles can be played at any time from the user’s mobile phone. There are even proposals, such as that of, which allow access to such classic games as absolutely free casino slots games.

Many of the gaming options available in the app stores are free or have a special version that does not require any payment to be played. These are called Free to play and are usually limited. That is to say, to access certain benefits or levels, it is necessary to make an extra payment. However, the proposals are complete enough to enjoy them without any problems.

These are the most striking free online games that are available for both Android and iOS.

1. Fortnite

A game developed by Epic Games. It is one of the most sought after games on the Google Play shop for Android. However, it is not yet available to the entire audience. You need to register to receive an invitation to participate in the beta version before it is finally released to the public.

fortnite free

2. Roblox

An adventure game that is suitable for all members of the family to play. It allows users to create their own worlds within the virtual space and set up their own games there. It offers the option of individual or multiplayer play. This makes it attractive for families looking for joint leisure activity.

roblox free

3. Granny

Its proposal is a little different from the best-known ones. It is a video game that falls into the horror category. It was developed by DVloper. It is a game for the bravest looking for a different challenge to what they already know.

The concept is that the user is kidnapped by a terrifying version of a grandmother. The goal is to get freedom in less than five days. The player does not know where the villain is, and each time he is recaptured, he will have one day less to reach his goal.

granny horror game free

4. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

The advantage is that the video game is based on a series that has a huge fan base. In addition to those who grew up watching the TV show, there is also a new generation that is getting to know the heroes.

The game, like the series, consists of fights and battles against villains that must be overcome. You can play with the iconic characters you already know. Collaboration with Street Fighter V is expected to be released soon.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars free

5. Pokémon Go

Like Power Rangers, Pokémon is also based on a TV series that has millions of fans around the world. It is developed by Niantic and was a huge success within days of its release. It was also one of the first mobile games to make use of augmented reality to connect the real world with the virtual world.

These are some of the most eye-catching video games on the market. But there are many free options to enjoy on mobile devices with an Android or iOS operating system.

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