Even as complex as drink construction can be in today’s craft cocktail world, it’s never been quite this complicate. While the man mixing this overly complicated gin & tonic had his tongue firmly in his cheek, the Free Runner cocktail at Liverpool, England’s Camp and Furnace seems very genuine (if gimmicky).

To make the drink, bartender and free runner Richy Squires puts Aviation gin, Créme de  Violette, Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice and simple syrup in a shaker. Then he proceeds to leap up on the bar and do a parkour routine all over Camp and Furnace.

For those unfamiliar with free running, it’s an acrobatic form of exercise that first showed up in a 2003 documentary called Jump London. We could go into more detail about what sorts of moves are involved, but you’ll get a clearer picture if you just watch Squires make the drink in the video above.

For those in the Liverpool area hoping to get a drink and a show, you’ll have to plan accordingly. As happy as the owners of Camp and Furnace seem to be about the attention this extreme form of flair bartending is getting them, they probably don’t want their bar turned into an obstacle course on the whim of drunk college kid who wanders in during the busiest time of day. Also, Squires likely doesn’t have the energy to make more than a few of these in a shift. So Free Runners are only available on Fridays from 7pm onward. And also probably only until someone breaks their leg.   

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